In my private life as well as in my professional career, I always aim to optimize existing processes in such a way that all stakeholders benefit from it. This procedure is rarely easy to implement, but regularly ensures sustainability. As part of my studies in geology / paleontology , my diploma thesis at the Institute for Geology and Dynamics of the Lithosphere dealt with gravimetry . In addition, I was involved in the evaluation of seismic data as an auxiliary scientist and shared responsibility for quality assurance in the manufacture of thin sections in the rock laboratory. After successfully completing my studies , I first worked in applied geology and managed projects for contaminated site investigation and remediation as well as land recycling . I also worked on projects with an engineering-geological focus, was responsible for building renovations and managed several deep wells in Saudi Arabia. In addition to my job, I deepened my knowledge of geodata management and got the title " Academic Geoinformatics " in Salzburg. Against this background, I worked for leading software companies in the GIS industry as a consultant and in marketing / sales and headed a branch of an American engineering company that was primarily responsible for GIS services for the US Air Force base in Ramstein. I acquired further competencies to expand my portfolio with the area of energy efficiency consulting , especially with regard to renewable and alternative energies, in a 1/2 year advanced training course and successfully applied them in corresponding projects. This extension of my expertise was also the basis for the successful management of key customers in the energy industry and the personal BeAccountable award in 2012. My study-related skills in mineral exploration, resource modeling and mine surveying I deepened as part of a job at Germany's biggest mining service. As a business development specialist and environmental expert in international innovation projects to increase the sustainability of mining companies, I was responsible for the partnership-based cooperation with European geological services and coordinated the repository mining division. In the Office of sales / marketing / communications, I was responsible for developing sales strategies and customer relationship management.

Christian Kropp
and Henry

My loyal companion Henry is a trained therapy dog and has had valuable successes in connection with traumatized war refugees.